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How Stress Affects Your Hormones

One of the biggest endocrine disruptors I have seen is STRESS.

What can we do to help reduce stress in our already very busy lives?

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Are you taking on too much responsibility? Are you too much of a perfectionist? What can you let go of right now? Is it really that important? What’s more important than your health?

2. Look at the people around you.

You are a combination of the 5 people with whom you surround yourself the most. Are those people in your life high vibe? Or are they draining you? Are you always attracting drama?

Learning to say NO is imperative for your health. Say more "No" to others so you can say more "YES" to yourself.

3. Are you being productive or simply busy?

The productive process is more about ebb and flow than always being turned ON.

Make sure you take time to rest, to be quiet, to contemplate.

Start a meditation practice or create quiet time to be alone so you can focus and be more productive when you're "on."

4. Exercise to relieve stress.

Start yoga, walking, pilates, or interval training to release endorphins.

Start slow. Too much exercise can create more stress on your adrenal glands.

5. Take time to connect.

Connect with other women/girlfriends with whom you can be real and go deep. When women hang out together, serotonin and oxytocin are released in the brain, augmenting your hormonal health. Having a community around you of like-minded individuals is vital for optimal hormonal health.

6. Stop multi-tasking.

This includes texting in the car or being on your phone when you are with your kids.

I know, it’s a big one and it requires practice, so have a no-phones policy when you are at home at certain times.

Practice these small changes this week and let me know how you do.


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